Embroidery is a technique where threads are sewn onto fabric to recreate a visual. We use state-of-the-art embroidery machines to faithfully reproduce your design or logo on a variety of textiles. Each thread is carefully selected to create a unique texture and aesthetic.


  • Distinctive visual and tactile texture
  • Durability and fade resistance
  • Suitable for logos and monograms
  • Unique option for certain high-end items


  • Higher cost than other decorating methods
  • Limitations in terms of fine detail compared to other methods


Embroidery has a low environmental impact, as it does not require the use of harmful chemicals. What's more, as electricity is a renewable energy in Quebec, the use of modern embroidery machines can be carried out in an environmentally-friendly way, further reducing the carbon footprint of this creative process.


Embroidery has its origins in ancient times, with evidence of its practice dating back millennia in cultures around the world, including China, Egypt, Persia and India. Once done by hand, it became more accessible with the invention of embroidery machines in the 19th century.

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